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Get an inside look at your peers’ retirement programs with the Heritage Benchmark Tool.

How about having a competitive edge by getting a sneak peek into what retirement benefits similar companies in your industry are offering their employees?

By completing the questionnaire below, you will receive a comprehensive report on how your plan stacks up against the plans of your competitors. Based on the information you provide we can retrieve your results from an expansive database compiled from the PLANSPONSOR Industry Reports Survey and the Profit Sharing Council of America (PSCA) annual survey.


Just complete and submit the questionnaire and we will email you a comprehensive customized Benchmark report in 3 business days.

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1. Does your plan match participant
contributions? (If NO…skip to question 4)

2. Length of time before 100% vested?

3. What is the match provided?

4. Does your plan provide a profit sharing

5. Does the plan have an Investment Policy
Statement written?


6. What is the participation percentage rate of
your plan?

7. Does your plan offer participants
financial/investment advice?
(If NO…skip to question 10)

8. What percentage of participants take
advantage of financial/investment advice?

9. How is the financial/investment advice made
available to participants: (Check all that


10. How many investment options does the plan

11. Asset Charge / Wrap Charge (if any):


12. Billed Administration Expense:


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